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New Google+ update

A most recent update to Google+ will allow you to tune exactly how much you want to hear from your friends. This will serve as a way to customize how much space someone will take up in your news feed. We all have the friends that make constant posts and are a little annoying, so this should serve to keep that from becoming a problem.


Will this mean people will come back to Google+? Probably not. G+ has plenty of cool features and a sleek interface, but it doesn't have the same audience that Facebook does. This small update will probably not be enough to persuade Facebook users to finally make a permanent switch, but I'd say it is a step in the right direction.

Article: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/12/google-plus-updates/
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The Validity of Neutrinos

The internet is exploding with news about neutrinos and the fact that they have been found to travel faster than the speed of light. Many are speculating what this means for physics going forward and how things are going to change. At this point in time, I don't think things are going to change much, but this could be quite significant in the future.

A neutrino detector
Findings from the Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus (OPERA) collaboration at Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy show neutrinos arriving 60 nanoseconds sooner than expected. This ends up being faster than the speed of light. There were earlier findings about these neutrinos being able to move faster than the speed of light, but the margin of error was too large and the findings were never really reported on. This time, the OPERA team believes they have a margin of error small enough, that they feel confident in reporting these results.
These are amazing findings to be sure, but lets not rewrite the textbooks just yet. These results have to be verified by other laboratories and that could take anywhere from six to nine months. Quantum physics did not erase Newton's findings much like this discovery will not invalidate Einstein's theories. 

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New Theme for the Blog

This blog is being resurrected for a new purpose! My MAGD 110 class requires me to have a blog, so this will serve that purpose. The goal of this blog is to find an interesting article from Wired.com and report on it. Since no one will end up reading this anyway, spaghetti and meatballs.
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Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is the next game in the Fallout series. Notice it isn't Fallout 4, considering it is using the same engine used in Fallout 3 and is also being developed by Gearbox instead of Bethesda. Picture this as more of a huge stand alone expansion. Fallout New Vegas takes place three years after the events of Fallout 3, although you will not be playing the same hero (or villain I guess) that you did in F3. 

Many people just considered Fallout 3 to be Oblivion with guns, and frankly, that is not really going to change. In fact, this game is getting even closer to that by allowing plants to be picked up and used to craft ammo, stims, and chems. Oh yeah, there's a whole new crafting component to the game now as well. Along with that there is the ability to modify weapons (over 90 in game) as well.

What draws me to New Vegas is the addition of a new hardcore mode. This mode is going to test players in a more realistic apocalyptic environment. Ammo is going to weigh you down now and you have to drink to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated. More care is going to be have to put into combat decisions so you can't just go running and gunning in hardcore mode. The mode is optional however, so don't sweat if this doesn't sound appealing to you. 

New Vegas launches on October 19th for those of us in North America, and on October 22nd in Europe. 
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CoD:Black Ops, Todays Game of the Day

Initially I wasn't all too interested in Black Ops. Just another Call of Duty brofest. However, I started to read into the game and about the multiplayer a bit more. It actually started to really interest me. The first mode that drew my attention was GunGame.


Being a casual Counterstrike Source player, I was instantly familiar with the premise of Gungame. You start out with a lowly weapon, usually pistols, and after every kill you get, you progress to the next most powerful gun. Getting knifed will drop you a level. First one to finish all of the guns wins. I look forward to this one the most because it keeps the game fresh and helps you become familiar with all of the weapons, which is essential for any online players. I'm also excited because I wasn't exactly a champion at Gungame in CSS so hopefully I might be able to pull out a few wins in Black Ops.

One in the Chamber

The next intriguing game mode has players start out with a pistol and one bullet. One shot will drop an enemy. Whenever you kill an enemy, you get a bullet. I think this should be an entertaining, tense game mode. I see myself and some friends playing this for hours, cracking up at the random shenanigans that go down.

Sharp Shooter

This mode gives every player a random gun, but the same gun to everyone. This reminds me of playing fiesta games in Halo 2/Halo 3, except everyone is in the same boat. Weapons cycle every 45 seconds so you have to be able to adapt quickly. This is another game mode that is going to give you experience in trying and getting experience with every gun there is.

As always there will be the standard deathmatch and team deathmatch game modes along with the standard Call of Duty objective game types. 

Black Ops drops on November 11th, I'm sure it will be a big deal.

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Whats going on here now?

What I'm gonna do is bring you some interesting video game related news everyday that catches my eye. Today's eye catching story is about World of Warcraft (groan if you will). Today has brought us the first preview of how all of the classes are going to be changed for the Cataclysm expansion in the 4.01 patch. It hit the game today and is a pretty big deal to the 12 million (!) that are playing.
Here's the link!

Edit: I've been lurking the forums a bit and it sounds as if ranged classes have been made quite overpowered. There is unrest in Azeroth. Your thoughts in the comments.

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First post!

Hey everyone, how are we all doing. I just made this, so excited for the possibilities.