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CoD:Black Ops, Todays Game of the Day

Initially I wasn't all too interested in Black Ops. Just another Call of Duty brofest. However, I started to read into the game and about the multiplayer a bit more. It actually started to really interest me. The first mode that drew my attention was GunGame.


Being a casual Counterstrike Source player, I was instantly familiar with the premise of Gungame. You start out with a lowly weapon, usually pistols, and after every kill you get, you progress to the next most powerful gun. Getting knifed will drop you a level. First one to finish all of the guns wins. I look forward to this one the most because it keeps the game fresh and helps you become familiar with all of the weapons, which is essential for any online players. I'm also excited because I wasn't exactly a champion at Gungame in CSS so hopefully I might be able to pull out a few wins in Black Ops.

One in the Chamber

The next intriguing game mode has players start out with a pistol and one bullet. One shot will drop an enemy. Whenever you kill an enemy, you get a bullet. I think this should be an entertaining, tense game mode. I see myself and some friends playing this for hours, cracking up at the random shenanigans that go down.

Sharp Shooter

This mode gives every player a random gun, but the same gun to everyone. This reminds me of playing fiesta games in Halo 2/Halo 3, except everyone is in the same boat. Weapons cycle every 45 seconds so you have to be able to adapt quickly. This is another game mode that is going to give you experience in trying and getting experience with every gun there is.

As always there will be the standard deathmatch and team deathmatch game modes along with the standard Call of Duty objective game types. 

Black Ops drops on November 11th, I'm sure it will be a big deal.

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i wonder whos going to come out the top dog ahead reach or black ops? first week of black ops wont count in my opinion since well everyones going to be playing it like they halo reach. ill just have to wait till it comes out. but anyways good post

this is going to be such an amazing game I can't wait.

I should pick up COD and play it

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never liked the cod series

This could be good, time will tell

i want to play this!

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only game of the day? why not week or month ,,,

Damn, I can't wait for this game. Still a ways away.

I can't wait for this since Moh was a fail.

nice, COD FTW

man this game is gana be so sweet

those game modes sound like pure fucking fun

man I haven't played CoD in forever. I should start again

Im not very good at fps's, but this game is really tempting me to grab a controller again.

I like this :)

Man, these random fun matches are gonna be sick, and fun and as hell!

I'll buy

looking forward to this game actually. Looks good.

Looks brilliant!

cant wait for your next post

cant wait for black ops its gonna be soooo awesome :D

I feel like playing COD now

Maybe I'll give CoD a chance, it looks kind of neat.

Really like your blog, good stuff!

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