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Whats going on here now?

What I'm gonna do is bring you some interesting video game related news everyday that catches my eye. Today's eye catching story is about World of Warcraft (groan if you will). Today has brought us the first preview of how all of the classes are going to be changed for the Cataclysm expansion in the 4.01 patch. It hit the game today and is a pretty big deal to the 12 million (!) that are playing.
Here's the link!

Edit: I've been lurking the forums a bit and it sounds as if ranged classes have been made quite overpowered. There is unrest in Azeroth. Your thoughts in the comments.

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Can't wait to see your spin on video game commentary. I'm concentrating on COD:BO at the moment, could you do some commentary on that as well?

That's what the world needs, more wow

nice post

Looking forward to your commentaries!

Sounds awesome. :D

Nice post, keep them coming!

Yeah, man, I quit WoW a while back, but I heard from friends that the servers were down for a long time today. I'll have to check this out at a friend's place.

i look forward to said news!

i love WoW!

I'm not into WoW, but my brother is... I just passed him the info... thanks

thanks for the WoW info

i haven't played WoW in a long time!

So out of the loop on WoW, but I still enjoy reading about it, good luck on your blog man.

man, i got to start playing again. Time to dust off that lv 80 DK

what class is in that picture

That lock looks SICK!

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i heard that ranged attacks no longer require ammo, is that right?

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